I have wanted to visit the Dead Sea for many years especially as living in Dubai, we are only 3 hours away from Jordan. This summer I finally got the opportunity to visit Amman as we had a friend’s wedding and meetings with my charity’s medical partners.


The Dead Sea is literally 40 minutes’ drive from Amman and the best way to properly see it is by checking into a sea front property.  

So why is it called the Dead Sea? Firstly it is the lowest point on earth at 430 meters below sea level. I was amazed to find out that even though it is called a sea it’s more like a lake as its landlocked by Jordan and its neighbors Palestine and Israel, which on a clear day you can see in the distance. It’s also referred to as the Dead Sea because nothing lives in this water due to its high salt content. So, if you are not a fan of the sea as you don’t know what’s lurking underneath – then this is the perfect water for you.


The Dead Sea is a terminus for the flow of rain and surface water, which means water flows into it but doesn’t flow out: its water has no escape but is trapped to evaporate due to the high temperatures. 


The minute you step into the water, your legs lift from underneath you and you instantly start floating.  Definitely do not put your face in the water and you certainly should keep your mouth closed. I did lick my finger (I had to taste it) - let’s just say the taste was indescribably gross. It was hilarious as when I went to get out, it was so difficult to walk to the waters edge, my body just started to bob up and down like an inflatable swan lying on the water!


For the men, I would definitely not shave for a few days before visiting the Dead Sea as the pain would be too much, however the salt content and the mud do have many health benefits. The Dead Sea in general and its mud in particular, possess magical, beauty enhancing qualities and true enough, the Dead Sea mud is rich with minerals in general and sulfur in particular, known for its rejuvenating abilities.  I asked the hotel spa about the mud and they informed me that the minerals in the Dead Sea mud are blended so neatly into it, that the mud actually contains some minerals, that are small enough to penetrate your skin pores, nourishing your skin. The minerals in the mud help to improve blood circulation, promoting a natural, youthful glow.


Once out of the water – general rule of thumb is not to overstay your welcome over 15-20mins as the salt can start to get painful - my skin felt amazingly smooth and I swear to this day my skin especially my face, is still feeling the benefits, it’s the best facial I’ve ever had  (I didn’t put my face in the sea but I did wipe my hands all over!)  My husband also suffers from extremely dry skin and he believes his skin has become so much better and not as dry as it usually is. We even noticed a few medical patients, who needed support while floating in the water, I’m sure this was a type of pilgrimage to help with any aliments which they suffer from.


We stayed at the Movenpick Resort & Spa Dead Sea, which just so happens to have been awarded the Conde Nast Luxury Spa 2018.  If you are only visiting the Dead Sea for the day, then you can use the hotel spa day pass which costs AED 340 - JOD 65 per person giving you access to all the facilities, these include a traditional eastern hamman, mosaic domed thermariums and mint scented tropical rain shower, indoor floatation pool, a hydro pool and the most gorgeous infinity pool giving you stunning views of the sea with Palestine in the distance. You can enjoy a spa treatment and then relax in the large whirl pool again offering unbeatable views.


I really believe everybody should visit the Dead Sea at least once if not annually just to immerse yourself in the natural waters for health reasons and to enjoy a truly unique experience.


Jordan I will be back very soon for another dip and this time to visit Petra and Wadi Rum!


Watch our video of the stunning views here: 


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