Pakistan is a country close to my heart. Why you may wonder, well the primary reason is that I adopted two of my daughters from Pakistan – Zahra and Amara and now in my late daughter Zahra’s name, we have founded a charity called The ZB Foundation based in Islamabad where we provide free new born screening tests to all babies born in the country.

I have spent a lot of time in Pakistan over the years, I got married there, I spent time there during the adoption process and now I go back and forth for my charity. 

One of the truly remarkable aspects about Pakistan is its raw natural beauty and its immense untapped tourism potential. The new Prime Minister Imran Khan and his government have made tourism as a crucial cornerstone of their “New Pakistan” campaign and they are actively advertising and promoting the benefits of visiting the country. 

For people that love adventure and culture Pakistan does have a lot to offer. Have you heard of Mark Wiens? He’s the popular food blogger who travelled for 16 days around Pakistan and produced a great You Tube video.

In his video he highlights 4 major points:

1. The people

2. The food

3. The scenery

4. The safety

Watch his video on the link below.

Other than the major cities, Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore which are all teeming with culture, art, food, music etc., areas in the North of the country are simply stunning. Picture Switzerland, that’s how I would explain many parts of the country. Lush green land, large lakes, and mountains and in the winter Gilgit and Swat Valley are perfect destinations for Skiing.

If you’re an adventurer you must visit Pakistan for either the skiing or climbing as Pakistan is home to 7 of the top 10 highest mountain peaks in the world, including K2 which is the second highest mountain in the world after Everest and has a reputation for being harder to climb than Everest. 

Watch this video of Heli Skiing in the Karakoram Mountains region, which borders India and China and is the northwestern extension of the Himalayas.

If you are more of a sight seeing tourist and like your days a little more laid back then check out the below link of beautiful places to visit in Pakistan

Karachi is a crazy city with a mix of old and new buildings, some rich in history from the British Colonial days while others are falling down, electric phone cables abundance from one building to another, even though its a major health and safety risk, it’s the way of life for the residents of Karachi.  There is beauty in everything you see from the colourful buses full to the brim with passengers, to the hard working labourers on their donkeys.  I hope you enjoy my photos below.

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