If self-isolating at home is giving you the time to daydream about your next travel destination then why not also include searching for the most glamorous luggage to join you.


A couple of years ago I came across a luggage brand and it was love at first sight. I have become slightly obsessed every since and with good reason. Steamline Luggage creates handcrafted, vintage-inspired hard exterior suitcases available in many color tones with leather fastenings and silent wheels - an immediate statement piece elevating your airport style and strut.

For the discerning traveller, your luggage can tell a lot about you, and even though my personal style is far from vintage, these chic and classy travel accessories are the most elegant way to travel for the modern traveller.


Steamline has a large selection allowing mix and match with all their sets- starting from over night bags, hat boxes and vanity cases to the most sophisticated carry on. My favorite is the ‘Sweetheart’ carry on - white with tan leather fastenings, which open up into a botanical foliage print.


Steamline Luggage not only just look beautiful but they have been cleverly engineered to make traveling hassle free. They are extremely lightweight and durable with wheels that are highly resilient while gliding smoothly. The pièce de résistance in each case from the carry on size upwards is the stylish hanging organizer, which cleverly clips to the sides of the case.


To protect your cases while they are in the hold and on the conveyor belt they come with a nylon protective cover that slips over the case and when not in use folds back into itself and tucks away.


At Unique Family Travels, we focus on globetrotting families so I have to mention Steamline’s kids’ collection. The six-piece collection is comprised of a full-sized adult carry-on, child carry-on and a vanity case, all available in either bright pink or royal blue. These chic bags are all vegan leather, with vintage-inspired trim, gold hardware accents and online brand Maisonette’s signature Doodle Print on the interior lining. You can either mix and match or buy the full set, but the sizing makes it easy for kids to roll around their own suitcase in the airport and on the next family trip.




The founder of the brand Sara Banks says the following about her product which really resonates with me as I believe traveling is all about the journey from start to finish and that includes how it makes you feel.

“I wanted to create luggage that elevates the way you feel about travel, to create a suitcase that is a delight to pack.”


So now I’m left dreaming of which color to order as I visualize how beautiful my luggage will look like on the untouched beaches of the Maldives or being carried off the small Cessna plane in Botswana. Roll on travel, we’ve got itchy rolling wheels.


Watch one of Steamline’s videos:





Check out the full collection: https://www.steamlineluggage.com/



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