Newly Launched!


At Unique Family Travels, we are strong believers in the visual aspect of travel, where your sense of touch, smell and sight are enhanced by the places you visit. We wanted to recreate that travel magic and have it present in your every day life.

We have created a personalized world map which the entire family can enjoy, allowing you a visual aspect to your memories, an educational point of view for the children and also enlightening the traveller within for destinations in the future.


Whether you’re an avid traveller or a curious soul, these maps are the perfect way to ignite the travel bug and start planning where to visit around the world. It’s also a fun way to keep track of who’s winning the ‘most traveled’ gold medal!


Available in sizes A1 or A0 these personalized uniquely designed maps are framed and set against a board so you can use the coloured pins that come with it to pin yours and your families’ travels:


•Where You’ve Travelled too

•Where You’ve Travelled as a family

•Where to Next!

•Bucketlist Adventures!


You can find out more by visiting our Instagram page @uniquefamilymaps

Order it, give it a prominent place on the walls of your home and let the family travel discussions begin!...


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