Staying at Atlantis The Palm with my three children was such a special treat from start to finish, so for this review I thought it would be good for my 10 year old daughter Amara, to share the experience through her eyes.

Atlantis you were so much fun and we were beyond spoilt! Thank you for the wonderful hospitality!!



I recently came back from an unforgettable stay at Atlantis, The Palm. a place that I will never forget and will certainty be back for another incredible stay . Who knew, that right outside my doorstep was a staycation that towers above all the rest providing non stop entertainment and many surprises.


Atlantis on the heart of the palm has surely amazed me, from the underwater suite which we stayed in to all the incredible experiences – it was filled with so many adventures and was so much fun.



Only a fifteen-minute drive from my house in Dubai, allows you to escape in the magic of Atlantis.



The underwater suite has 3 luxurious floors, picturesque views and completed with a fancy lift. You enter on the 3rd floor then make your way down to the first either by the 50 stairs or via the lift.


As you enter the underwater suite, you can feel the soft thick carpet under your feet and overlook the colossal floor to ceiling glass window. The entry is also garnished with some elegant decorations.


The second floor includes a small kitchen, a bathroom [with an automatic toilet] and a massive living room where you can watch TV or all the above the water activities such as shark feeding.


Now, if the second floor impressed you then the ground floor will certainly get your attention. There is a kid’s room with a unique and comfy bed, a dressing room that includes a hidden emergency exit to the Imperial Lounge. Then the wow factor is the master bedroom complete with an incredibly view of the huge 10 feet tall aquarium with over 250 species of fish and 65,000 marine creatures . It was such a magical experience to be staying in an underwater room, watching the entire incredible marine-life cinema and waking up every morning to such a magical view.   


The master bathroom also provides the wonderful view of the aquarium with a perfectly placed bathtub to soak in so you can watch and admire the rays and sharks.


As a family we were all entertained in the suite – I enjoyed sitting by the window and drawing the fish while my sister soaked in the bath and my brother had so much fun in the lift and playing hide and seek!


As we are a big family we also had a connecting double room on the 3rd floor, keeping the door open just made the suite even bigger with direct access to the suite lift.




There are a bunch of activities to do at Atlantis like the thrilling Aquaventure water park which opens everyday at 9am to 6:30. Plus hanging out in the pool with many sports activities or simply chilling on the sun-kissed beach. Inside the hotel they have a restaurant called Wave House, which has a bowling alley and arcades!


And if you would rather stay indoors you can relax at the spa, work out in the gym or just chat and eat at the many restaurants along with the Imperial Club, which is the VIP club, and access comes with the Underwater suite along with a dedicated butler for all your needs. The Imperial Club also offers check in services and complimentary food and drink. I would eat breakfast there in the morning, then in the afternoon enjoy their cookies and then for afternoon tea they would offer amazing milkshakes with cotton candy and cucumber sandwiches – just yummy!





The water park of Atlantis is full of adventure. There are 3 main towers filled with exciting rides. Some of the towers contain world record slides such as the worlds longest family ride, the tallest vertical drop in the Middle East, the worlds tallest slide and finally the world longest duet slide; and for younger children there are countless baby/young kid slide areas.

We would get to the park between 9am and 9:30 so all the good rides wouldn’t have any queues then leave the park at around 12:30 once finishing with all the rides.


Through out the park, there where little shops selling chilled drinks, summer treats, like ice cream , snow cones , lemonade etc .


Well done Atlantis as they provide water soaks so you can roam around the park without burning your feet or slipping!!!


Some of my favorite rides where “Leap of Faith” which we did so many times- it takes you down a vertical drop which is so high, if you can manage to keep your eyes open you will get to see the sharks in the tank around you.


Another ride I enjoyed was “Black Out” which is actually the tallest vertical drop in the Middle East its also known as the scarier sister of  Leap of Faith.

There are also many family rides some are really scary while others are buckets of fun.

Another really fun ride is called “Shock Wave” where you need to be prepared for all the ups and downs while getting splashed then totally soaked in between, also this is the longest family ride in the world.

I enjoyed the “Zoomerango” too although this one was very scary as you go down a massive drop leaving you in terrier when its over.

Finally, I want to tell you about Immortal Falls which is perfect for cooling down as you can jump from high levels into the small pool – so exciting? If your not feeling brave enough to do all the rides then you can relax around one of the parks pools where they host entertainment shows and games or simply grab a inflatable ring and roam around the lazy river that takes you all around the park. Speaking about the lazy river, some of the smaller rides end directly in the river.


The main hotel has two swimming pools. One of the pool had a water polo and basket ball net which kept us busy, then we went to the private Imperial Beach where we buried our dad in the sand!




My parents let us chose where we wanted to eat dinner every night. As much as my mum and dad wanted to go to the Michelin star restaurants such as Hakkasan and Ossiano, we wanted to try somewhere which was more for kids.


There are two very nice dinner places at Atlantis starting with ‘Bread Street Kitchen’ owned by Gordon Ramsey who is a world famous chef and has a very entertaining TV show. The food was incredible and while we waited for the food a magician came over and amazed us with many tricks and the most confusing one was when he asked me to think of a very random thing and type it into Google on my mums phone. I wrote lava heart, he asked me to look at him and then surprisingly he guessed the exact same word! Leaving us shocked and confused trying to guess how he did that!


I also enjoyed ‘Wave House’, which had an arcade, and a play area in it, we played games and earned tokens then bought sweets with the tickets. The kids soft play area looked like a lot of fun too. One of the best things about the Wave House is that it has its own bowling alley!  Seriously, I could spend hours at the Wave House. The food was so good. Overall, we had such a great time, thanks to our room butler for organizing this for us!


To sum up mine and my siblings experience of staying at Atlantis in one sentence would be ……… A truly magical and unforgettable stay.


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