At Unique Family Travels, we have a simple philosophy: make your next holiday about you. Make it about what is important to you and your family/friends. And never compromise on that. The more a holiday is in tune with what you want the more likelihood you’re going to make memories that last a lifetime. At Unique Family Travels, we take our own experiences (and not compromising on what we want) and we use them to tailor-make your next family vacation be it in the city, the beach, or a faraway exotic location. We customize not only by recommending the best hotels but by including customized family experiences that enhances the entire package. Nearly all the unique, luxurious properties around the globe that we work with, we have experienced ourselves – from that safari tent in the Masai Mara that has elephants eating the tree leaves and bushes at 5am every morning to the water bungalow in the Maldives that sits far away on the edge of the lagoon.

Attention to your details and attention to your needs will not be compromised. Each family member may have their own specific itinerary. From zip lining and surf school for the kids, to luxury spa retreats and cooking courses for mum and dad. Experience your holiday destination in any way you desire and exactly in the way you want it.

Unique Family Travels believe in a community spirit, where like-minded families who love to travel can share their experiences and recommendations. That is why I shared many blog posts with you about my various trips - so you can truly understand what you can experience, not from a travel agent but someone who actually went through the experience our self.

To utilize our services and maximize our full potential we ask you to become a member and take advantage of our free membership program, which will offer you and your family the following:

1. Exclusive hotel offers

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How It Works


For families who want to travel and create fun and unique experiences – we are the platform for you


Stay in unique and luxury properties, which are not featured on your average “run of the mill” travel and hotel booking websites



Its easy – just sign up and become a FREE member - no hidden costs, no extra charges


All bookings through Unique Family Travels will receive the best rates possible and our costs/fee will be totally transparent. We will only charge a booking management fee for creating the best itinerary and the magical experience for you and your family

So if you want to cycle through the streets of Barcelona, find the perfect hidden beach shack or sail in a traditional basket boat in the vast coconut woods in Hoi An, then click through to BECOME A MEMBER and lets start working on your next unforgettable holiday memory.


About Us

As an avid traveler, pre and post my three children, and a lover of boutique hotels, I have been fortunate enough to travel extensively, stay at unique properties and take adventures off the beaten track.

I've been lucky to see and enjoy so much that I think now is the perfect time to share my travel experiences, so I have created Unique Family Travel - a company where my team and I can develop bespoke, wonderful and unique travel experiences for you and your family. I can guarantee our experiences aren't available on the likes of large booking websites as we take you on a tailored journey which caters to your specific needs.

Each destination and journey should be a timeless memory, created for you and your family and captured in fantastic memories to keep forever. We can help with this simply because that's how I would do it for myself, my family and friends!

Do get in touch with us, drop us a line and lets get you going on your next amazing, unique travel experience.

Happy Travels

Love Dani

PS. All photos on this site are taken by me, mostly on my iphone :)

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