3 bedroom tent

MYSK Kingfisher Retreat

What if I told you there was a hidden, untouched gem less than 2 hours drive from Dubai, nestled in an eco-conservation area and facing the ocean on the coast of Sharjah where you can totally disconnect from the hustle and bustle of city life and submerge yourself in peace and tranquility.

Well I’m excited to introduce you to MYSK Kingfisher Retreat where I have just spent the weekend with my family. We went in having no expectations but were blown away by what we experienced and left in awe by the UAE always managing to create fascinating new hotel properties.


You normally arrive to the resort via a quick boat ride across the EPA – Environmental Protection Area of mangroves filled with fish and large turtles. However with building work within the area we were escorted to the main lobby via a golf buggy driven by a very professional and friendly Harris who provided us with a very warm and informative welcome.


From the travel posts I’ve written over the past, you know by now I am a sucker for excellent service especially at luxury resorts – I’m certainly not high maintenance but I just know by now what differentiates that special, unique excellence from the rest and I’m pleased to say the welcome and check in experience we received at Kingfisher Lodge ticks all the boxes of luxury.


Entering the lobby which is the largest tent on the property and also contains the main dining area, you are immediately greeted by the beautiful interior and soft furnishing - blues, creams and soft beiges are the pantone colors of the resort with large lantern lighting, beach wood furniture and decorative cushions that are karate chopped in the middle to perfection – if you’re a fan of “Mcgee Interior Studio” you will know what I am talking about and I’m sure Shea McGee would give the interior design and layout at Kingfisher Retreat 10/10


The outside wooden terrace has views of the mountains and beach, with two sunken fire-pits, a large water feature and day beds around that perfectly catch the surrounding environments and reflect the vibe of the resort beautifully.  



We were given a 3-bedroom tent which at 344sqm is extremely spacious. Let me walk you through it….

There’s a separate large guest double bedroom to one side of the main tent with a large bathroom. Walking into the main tent it opens up into a living room with doors that open up onto the terrace facing the beach. To the left and right of the living room are bedrooms. One had twin beds, very spacious with a large bathroom, which includes 2 sinks, shower and bath. The layout is unique utilizing the space well and also providing privacy. The other bedroom is the master bedroom with a large double bed in the middle of the room and another large bathroom with the same layout as the twin bedroom. Again the resorts pantone colors go throughout the tent which offers a cozy and warm vibe bringing the outdoor environment inside. I also love all the round mirrors, which are featured throughout the tent.  Top marks for unlimited water, tea, coffee and fruit baskets.


The ocean facing terrace has two sun loungers and a seating area with a large plunge pool – sadly the pool wasn’t heated which is a shame as this would have been perfect especially as the weather was warm in the day and super cold in the evening so a temperature controlled pool would have been wonderful.


There are 20 villas in total with 1,2 and 3 bedroom options.


I actually find it difficult to find any fault with the villas/tents, however if I had to be picky, I would say that they should include a beautiful skin care brand and fragrance in the bathroom. Being a retreat and the most beautifully designed bathrooms –a lavender or eucalyptus aroma with relaxing bath salts and skin care line available would provide a little personal sanctuary and relaxation….



I was super impressed with the resort providing a lot of bikes and making them available for guests of all ages – they were all fat bikes (fat tire bikes) – which means perfect for off roading – highly functional and ideal for riding on the beach. If you happen to spend your stay in villa 20 – you will need your bike to go to reception as it’s a long walk. The kids enjoyed cycling and riding onto the beach – a little effort required to ride them as they are super heavy but provide a lot of fun!



The food was spot on, excellent, well presented, yummy and very tasty – what more can I say? I guess for a boutique property the food should be perfect but it wasn’t just the menu choice it was the way it was served. Let me explain more, lunch was a la carte and had a wide variety on offer. Dinner is served outside in candlelight close to the two large fire pits either facing the beach or the mountain range under a canopy of stars. The dinner menu starter were shared platters – Arabic mezze, rocca salad with mushroom, cherry tomatoes, crispy parmesan and a buffalo mozzarella salad. For main there was a choice of Grill beef medallion with mushroom risotto, chicken butter with rice, hammour with mash and veg or a veg pasta dish then sharing deserts. The kids could eat from the a la carte menu and for desert they had a popcorn and ice cream stand. The following morning for breakfast, everyone was presented with their menus and a pencil to tick what they would like to eat, including how you would like your egg cooked, your milk of choice etc Breakfast initially came with sharing platters of Arabic breakfast mezza, fruit platter, cheese platter, pastry basket, French toast and pancakes.

For a full board option, you will never go hungry at Kingfisher Retreat. A special shout out to the service staff who were impeccable and the Chef who should be proud of his exemplary talent.



A raw, soft and completely untouched sand beach that goes on for miles. In fact hubby ran early one morning down the beach and reached the Oman border! The beach is simply beautiful – one end is filled with hermit crabs which the kids enjoyed playing with and racing! On one part of the beach close to the reception is an instagramable swing and day beds.



A host of standard hotel activities are available ranging from water to land such as diving, kayak excursions, stand-up paddle boarding etc and then more resort specific activities such as nature walks all along the Watchtowers trek, cycling across Kalba, culture museums and visiting Al Hefaiyah Mountain Conservation Centre or Kalba Bird of Prey Centre.

For a more relaxed experience you can enjoy the resort spa.


Covid measures

In today’s environment, this is to be expected as all staff and all guests adhered to wearing a mask at all times and F&B staff also wore gloves. Sanitizers were around but I would have liked to have seen more, especially in the villas.



30 minutes from the hotel is Al Rabi Hiking Trail, Khorfakkan, which is a great family hike

Read the full post here… http://www.uniquefamilytravels.com/2020/11/01/adventures-in-the-uae/


Little touches go a long way

The kids were all given a cute stuffed turtle and everyone is provided with a property map that includes images and info on all the animals in the area such as gazelles and red foxes, to the different types of crabs, fish, turtles and rays. If you’re a keen bird spotter then you’re in luck with over 35 different birds including the KINGFISHER.

And for the plant lovers there are all kinds of shrubs and plants including Aloe Vera plants – it is a eco-friendly paradise and conservationists will fall in love with this place.


MYSK Kingfisher Retreat is untouched and I’m not surprised if it becomes one of the UAE bestsellers in the coming months. It has all the attributes and the potential to become a true gem, and not hidden anymore. I highly recommend my readers and clients to get booking and head to the Sharjah coastline for some genuine, authentic luxurious fun.


For more information please visit their website: https://myskhotels.com/en/


Or contact us directly for unique rates. @uniquefamilytravel


Watch our video:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhiaMxo_254



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Longbeach Campground

When I was asked to work with Visit Ras Al Khamiah I really wanted to experience every hidden gem that RAK has to offer and OH Boy did I find one.

LongBeach Campground is certainly the coolest glamping experience I have ever had – and my kids were in their element.


With accommodation for all budgets, couples and families, LongBeach Campground really does tick all the boxes. The accommodation ranges from authentic deluxe tents, authentic family tents, a sunset terrace suite, safari suite tents and the panoramic dome tents (bubble) each one perfectly spaced out facing the beach.


We had a panoramic dome tent which was extremely comfortable equipped with a double bed and bunk beds (great mattress – very comfy!) a bathroom with shower, a seating area offering the panoramic views and on the terrace a hot tub, not to mention an AC and coffee making facilities – I mean what more do you need in life?!


The kids were super excited as this was a whole new experience for them. My husband and I felt really comfortable letting them run off and do their own thing (staying together as a trio) after all there were so many kids around and the place is secure – plus we could over look a lot of the area from our tent terrace.


Let me just quickly highlight that I was extremerly impressed by the covid safety regulations that had been put in place – every staff member wore a mask at all times with F&B staff wearing gloves too. Guests were asked to wear a mask when walking around the property. Sanitizer was on every table, in the tents and at all activity stations.


When the kids weren’t jumping into the hot tub they were in the sea paddle boarding, kayaking, playing on the beach or meeting new friends. They would come back to the tent to get dry/changed and off they went again to the petting zoo, junior chef class, pottery making, sewing and archery. There were even more activities for younger children such as egg hunting and sand castle building.


There is an infinity pool on the property but this got quiet busy so we gave it a miss, but with so much space and fresh air and our own hot tub the kids didn’t mind.


When you stay at Longbeach its on a half board basis which includes breakfast and dinner. The restaurant is on the beach with round banquet tables socially distanced apart. It’s a buffet style set up with the staff serving each person. There is so much choice available and from 7pm – 10pm its unlimited premium beverages!


Every evening at 8.45pm staff walk around calling people to join them to roast marshmallows on the open fire and then popcorn and movie night at the floating cinema.


I understand why this property is always fully booked, it’s a great family stay where parents can relax as the children are kept constantly entertained. As a destination RAK provides activities to experience be it in the mountains, on the beach or the desert.


I would highly recommend taking a trip up Jebel Jais mountain, the views are incredible and you can pre book a table at 1484 by Puro for brealfast/lunch or dinner. If you’re an adrenalin junkie why not try the longest zip line in the world with speeds of 120kph head first like a bullet or the Jais Sky Tour which zips from platform to platform covering a distance of 5km via a series of 7 zip lines.


To book your stay at LongBeach Campground which is managed by Bin Majid Hotels, visit:



To pre book breakfast, lunch or dinner at 1484 by Puro visit:



To book a zip lining experience visit



To find out more about where to stay and activities in RAK please visit:






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Bear Grylls Explorers Camp

I’m sure most of you have heard of Bear Grylls as he’s one of the most recognized names for adventure and survival. His celebrity status is not just for adults as his popular interactive Netflix TV show called  “You Vs Wild’ has been a great hit with the younger generation and its essential viewing for my kids.


Halfway up the majestic Jebel Jais mountain in Ras Al Khamiah the newly opened Bear Grylls Explorers Camp offers an amazing extreme survival program for kids and adults – this recent new attraction will certainly makes RAK the regions adventure capital.

The camp is run by Bear’s own team of highly trained instructors and experts in the field of outdoor survival. The programs have been designed by Bear Grylls and developed by the local team based on his unique survival experiences and his dynamic methods and techniques that are loved all over the world.


With thanks to Visit Ras Al Khamiah and the Bear Grylls team I surprised my kids who are 7,7 and 8 years old to test out the younger kids survival course, with Jake being their supremely capable and super friendly instructor. As huge lovers of nature and being outdoorsy and adventurous they were super excited for this new adventure (they were hoping that Bear may just show up!).


Jake started off by explaining the four main tenets and priorities of survival – the acronym







After the kids applied some military style make up to help get in the mood we started a small walk into the wadi.


First assignment: Protection

With a sheet of tarpaulin the kids had to attach it to a tree with ropes to provide shelter from all types of weather including in our case the strong Arabian sun.


Second assignment: Rescue

Create a fire to not only keep you warm but to signal for rescue – the kids were given a flint and steel sheet to create a spark onto cotton wool, also wire wool and a battery, Vaseline on cotton wool to help ignite the spark even quicker. We were surprised how quickly the kids got it. Then a proper fire was made with sticks and once finished we were taught how to safely put it out.

Each part was managed expertly by Jake and safety was always a priority (even masks and social distancing were adhered at all times).


Third assignment - Water

Jake had prepared water bottles to showcase how to filter unclean water, using a piece of tshirt, sand, rocks, palm fibers and charcoal.

We then played a game as a family carrying water from the river to our camp from one bucket to another while trying not to spill the precious water and me having to deal with really competitive husband and children!


All of the above showcased how to Improvise – Overcome and Adapt.


The kids loved it throughout, engaging with excitement, asking questions, listening to instructions and enjoying the moments.


The final challenge was back at base camp for the final priority of survival – Food


Firstly they were taught how to make bread – simply adding a little water to flour, rolling it onto a stick and cooking it on the fire – not the yummiest!

I was then in awe as I watched 2 out of the three kids crunch their way through a handful of meal worms – I mean I struggle to get them to eat veg, but give them meal worms and there’s no complaining!


Overall after 2 hours the kids had completed the course and thoroughly enjoyed it – so much so they gave it a 10/10


It’s a great family activity and I personally thought it was a great way to see how the children listened to instructors and put their own skills into action.


The adults courses are both physically and mentally challenging from survival skills to abseiling and navigating difficult terrains.


Check out their website for more information on all the courses (team building, families, overnight stays etc) along with prices https://www.beargryllscamp.ae/



Tip: To enjoy a full day at Jebal Jais, have lunch at 1484 by Puro restaurant which is officially the highest restaurant in the UAE at the top of the mountain. The food is excellent and the views are incredible.


For adults and older kids check out the e- bikes which are near the top of the mountain in one of the parking lots - a genius idea and hassle free, offering an easier way to tackle the mountain – an ingenious way to show that a RAK adventure is for everyone…


A fun loving and adventurous family can easily spend a weekend on Jebel Jais mountain creating a smorgasbord of active memories.  


To find out more about Things to do in RAK, listen to my podcast interview with RAK Tourism CEO Raki Phillips: 



Special thanks again to Visit Ras Al Khaimah.

For more information on things to do in RAK, please visit  



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Adventures In The UAE

If you follow my personal Instagram account @daniwilsonnaqvi -  you will see that my family and I love to go on adventures and having had to stay in Dubai all summer due to the pandemic – we really had to embrace more than ever our adventurous side and not let the Dubai heat stop us from exploring.

After being in “lockdown” all we wanted to do was be outdoors, try to get some fresh air and exercise. Any other year and we would have been traveling from late June, however due to the big C, in March I cancelled all our trips – (if I’m honest I personally had a lot planned – more than we did as a family so I was gutted) but its out of our control so we decided we were going to make the most of being in the UAE.


So let me share with you some of our UAE adventures. Living by my new motto - don’t let the weather stop you from making plans, in this new era, we have to learn to simply pivot and adjust to the new norm.


1. Kite Beach Centre UAQ


Transported to Tulum the minute you step on the beach.


Just over an hour from Dubai, Kite Beach Centre UAQ is the perfect laid back rustic beach vibe that you’re going to find in the UAE.


Expect wooden duplex cabanas, crystal clear water, wooden swings in the ocean and an array of water sports.  Plus good news for dog owners – you can take your dogs too!

There’s a great café serving a selection of F&B.


The cabanas are pretty cool and a perfect way to stay out of the sun. Designed in a duplex style the top level is a seating area offering great views and the deck level comes with seating, a hammock and a shower.



Entrance during the week is AED 25 per person and weekends AED 50 per person

Cabanas rental during the week AED 250 and weekends AED 350

Cabana cost is additional to the entrance fee

Book via their Whatsapp - +971 55 5073060


2. Hatta Wadi’s


Just before you arrive at Hatta Dam there’s a small bridge and a narrow ravine which offers freezing cold running water. In the early morning heat and humidity these pools were not only refreshing to play in but so much fun for the kids. Obviously an adult should be with the kids at all times as the water runs fast and getting in and out can be slippery but its really a lot of fun.

Then back in the car and up to the Dam. If you’re there early enough you can take out of the kayaks or paddle boats – yes its hot and yes its sweaty as there is no shade but its something different and so picturesque.


Then I highly recommended popping over to Hatta Fort Hotel for a pool day and lunch. Entrance fee for pool is AED 90 Adults AED 45 children


And now that its cooler there’s so much fun to be had at the hotel from archery, zip lining and wall climbing. Check out their website




3. Hiking Wadi Shawka, RAQ


My husband found this hidden gem a couple of years ago when he would go trail running for his training and has been insisting the kids try it. Its approx. 1.15 mins from Dubai and is easy to find via Google Maps.


Wadi Shawka is a popular hiking destination in Ras-al-Khaimah and is considered to be an exploration hike because the trail offers an all-in-one experience like off-road drives, pool dips, natural springs, greenery and the mountains.

The hike is marked out but there’s lots of lose rocks so be careful. Along the way you will find lots of areas to take a break and check out the view of the Dam and mountains and take in the fresh air. Due to the heat the kids and I haven’t been to the top yet but we will now that the weather is cooler.


Keep an eye out for the mountain goats, donkeys and the odd camel. Make sure you take lots of refreshments as there’s nowhere in the area to get anything.


You will see a lot of people at the foot of the mountains next to the natural springs camping – unfortunately I’m a glamper not a camper so I haven’t experienced this!


If you like off-roading and wild mountains you can have a lot of fun!



4. Al Rabi Hiking Trail, Khorfakkan


We hadn’t been to this spot before and wanted to climb early morning before it got to hot. It’s approx. 1.5 hours from Dubai. With clear sign posts to the foot of the trail is a great kid friendly hike, but do keep a watchful eye out as parts do get steep with loose rocks. It took us over an hour to get to the top – we were rushing due to the heat and the view from the top didn’t disappoint - its awesome overlooking the sea and the city.  It’s a great way to get the kids back into nature and of course good exercise.


We will go back in the winter and take our time doing the hike and maybe even have a picnic – but I’m not carrying it!!


5. Paddle Boarding, Dubai


We actually have our own mega paddleboard, which we keep, in our garden and often we put it on the roof of the car and drive to the beach. Our favorite spot is right next to Four Seasons Hotel as this part of the beach has been corned off for kayaking/paddle boarding etc


During the summer we would be at the beach by 7am, the water would be calm and the beach was quiet which was perfect for the kids to practice.


If you don’t have your own board, not to worry as you can book a paddle boarding session at @Ignitesuface located at RIVA Beach Club on the Palm.

Call +97152 2495311


Newly opened in RAK:

The Bear Grylls Explorers Camp is located in Jebel Jais, the ideal location for challenging adventurers with its stunning mountainous terrain. Find out more



Check out all the outdoor adventures in RAK from mountain trekking to the world’s longest Zip Line on https://visitrasalkhaimah.com/

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Soneva Fushi Water Retreats

Soneva Fushi’s new Water Retreats are soon to be ready to welcome guests, adding yet another facet to the original barefoot luxury resort. Guests can expect innovative designs and some new changes to the iconic Water Retreat designs that can be found at Soneva Jani. Reached by a gently curving jetty near Dolphin Beach, at the opposite end of the island to the Out of the Blue dining destination, the eight Water Retreats have been designed to ensure the utmost privacy for guests, as well as to make the most of the picture-perfect ocean vistas.  

The 1 Bedroom Water Retreats (584 sqm./6,286 sqft.) and 2 Bedroom Water Retreats (857 sqm./9,224 sqft.) are the largest one- and two-bedroom overwater villas in the world. The spacious interiors and exterior living spaces give guests more to love, as well as making them perfect for families. As each of the rooms in the Water Retreats can be sealed off, the doors out onto the deck can be locked, and the children’s room is located at the back of the master bedroom, they are child-friendly and suitable for young Soneva guests of all ages. The 1 and 2 Bedroom Water Retreats, all have water slides, will open their doors to guests on September 25, 2020. 



With a choice of either sunrise or sunset views, the villas feature a large al fresco deck, which includes plush sun loungers, a sunken seating area and catamaran nets. Choose between swimming in the ocean or the private pool, while a curving 19-metre slide plunges into the waves from the upper floor. Both villa types feature an expansive upper level with a dining sala, as well as Soneva’s signature outdoor bathroom with direct access to the sea. Floor-to-ceiling windows flood the spacious dining and living areas with natural light, while a fully-fitted pantry with wine fridge and minibar provide gourmet snacks and drinks. Flanked by an en-suite bathroom, dressing room and children’s sleeping area, the master bedroom suite features a king-sized bed for the ultimate in comfort. In the two-bedroom villa, a second guest bedroom also includes a king-sized bed, en-suite bathroom and dressing room. 


For more information and exclusive rates please contact us directly.

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Private Jet Reservations

If you are looking for a full turnkey luxury travel  that INCLUDES private jet travel, then Unique Family Travels can assist.

We have partnered with a Private Jet company who specialize in GCC and global travel routes. In the post covid-19 world, luxury private flights with airport transfers are becoming a necessity for the discerning traveller

Our services are tailor-made for individuals, families or large groups who wish to have the option of making private jet services a necessary requirement of their travel plans.




UAE Luxury Staycay’s

If staying in Dubai are your 2020 summer plans then you have to enjoy it to the max! Lets look at the positives – the sun is shining, swimming pools are chilled, there's lots of great restaurants and an array of luxury hotels in close proximity to chose from, I mean come on -  there’s no waiting around in airports with flight delays. You can simply book and arrive quicker than you can say “where’s my suitcase”


So here's Unique Family Travels top luxury resorts to enjoy a staycation in Dubai and the surrounding Emirates.

Here’s to simply switching off, letting the kids burn off some energy while you relax with a glass in hand – my goodness you have sooo earned it!



Four Seasons Resort Dubai

The opulent Four Seasons Resort Dubai sits on a private, 270-metre stretch of golden sandy beachfront. Privacy, service and relaxation go hand in hand at this property. Kids are entertained at the pool or on the beach by the resident kids club staff leaving you to simply relax.

Enjoy the large array of top restaurants on your doorstep from Salt Bae’s famous Nusr – Et Steakhouse to the shores of Mykonos with Nammos Beach Club.




Mandarin Oriental 

Overlooking the glittering Dubai skyline and the Arabian Gulf, guests can choose from rooms with sensational city views or amazing ocean views – all from the seclusion of a private balcony. A foodie holiday is all part of the experience with cutting-edge restaurants offering everything from Japanese steaks to Michelin star Portuguese.

Little Nomads kids’ club offers amenities and activities, including a children’s pool, complimentary dining for guests up to age four, in-room movies on demand, toys and age-appropriate toiletries.




Jumeriah Al Nassem

This beautiful resort is home to 387 contemporary rooms and 43 suites, all with sea-facing views. The hotel’s proximity to the water allows the sounds of the sea to reach guest rooms. Facing the iconic Burj Al Arab the views are simply breathtaking.

There’s so much for kids to do on the property and next door at Jumeriah’s other resorts, however due to the current situation some activities are closed.




Jumeirah Al Qasr

A palatial luxury resort inspired by 1001 Arabian Nights, Jumeirah Al Qasr's prime location means guests can enjoy access to a 2km beach as well as almost 100 boutiques at neighboring Souk Madinat Jumeirah and Arabian-inspired bedrooms many with sea views.  

Located next to the pool is Sinbads Kids Club, which offers an aquatic wonderland of play areas and pools. Please do check that they are operating at your time of stay due to social distancing regulations.




One & Only Royal Mirage 

Offering Arabian-inspired opulence, One&Only Royal Mirage is situated on a lengthy 1km stretch of golden sand. Its beachfront dining options include the very popular DRIFT Beach and Jetty Lounge, while guests checking in to one of the lavish guest rooms, suites or villas can expect unparalleled service.




One & Only The Palm

Reside in complete seclusion at Palm Island’s most exclusive resort. Enjoy breathtaking views of the Arabian Gulf and Dubai's soaring skyline from your private beach. Step aboard their One&Only boat and immerse yourself in the cosmopolitan city, just minutes away. The beachfront villas are not only luxurious and private but offer stunning sky line views.




Jumeirah Zabeel Saray 

Located on the West Crescent of the palm, beachside Jumeirah Zabeel Saray exudes regional Arabian style, with hand-painted murals, lavish gold fixtures, and other Ottoman-inspired touches. A private beach, Thalassotherapy pools, and an opulent spa round out the experience. The large private villas are situated around a lagoon pool, perfect for families. Please note the kids club is temporarily closed due to the current conditions however with a large pool, lagoon pool and beach the kids will be busy from dawn till dusk.




Anantara on the Palm 

A Thai-inspired slice of paradise on the Palm Jumeirah, Anantara The Palm boasts a 400 metre stretch of private beach as well as the UAE's only over water villas. Guest rooms and suites surround a shimmering lagoon where you can literally jump out of bed and into the pool

There are lots of water sports to enjoy and when you need to cool off kids can visit the Tuk-Tuk Kids' Club which keeps three to 13-year-olds entertained with arts and crafts and sandcastle building, while the Chill Teens' Club has foosball, air hockey and billiards.




Park Hyatt Dubai

Combining Arab and Mediterranean influences, this legendary luxury resort is located in the heart of the city over looking the Dubai creek with a very unique view of the city skyline. Watch as the traditional Abra’s and luxury yachts sail past the dining promenade and palm fringed swimming pool.

Each of the 223 large elegant room and suites come with Dubai creek face terraces providing a Mediterranean coastal vibe. 




Bvlgari  Hotel

Bringing elegant Italian style to the Middle East, this private island retreat just off the Dubai coast is the antidote to the city’s ubiquitous skyscraper hotels with a low-rise, Mediterranean-style design, a swanky spa and the world’s first Bulgari Marina and Yacht Club. Rent a stunning air-conditioned beach cabana, each of the 14 cabanas come with a personal butler, private washroom, wifi, coffee facilities, iced water and chilled towels. You can also request for a spa treatment to be done at your cabana, All the villas feature their own private swimming pool, a nautically inspired aesthetic and kitchenette and luxury dining facilities.




Al Maha  Desert Resort

Take a break away from the kids and enjoy the intimacy and romantic ambiance of Al Maha Desert Resort & Spa.  This romantic desert resort is a modern take on a Bedouin village where lavish tented villas with private infinity pools are interspersed between rolling sand dunes and guests enjoy complimentary activities such as sunset champagne camel rides.

The suites are spread out across the desert, and are all single-level, stand-alone, canvas-roofed ‘tents’ which offer total privacy, allowing guests to lounge on their private terrace or cool off in their plunge pool with only the odd curious gazelle for company.




Sofitel Dubai Palm 

Discover the warm French-Polynesian welcome of Sofitel Dubai The Palm, a luxury 5 star beach resort situated on the East Crescent of the world famous Palm Jumeirah, offering a rejuvenating escape inspired by the rich culture of the South Pacific. Nestled amongst lush greenery this is a tropical relaxing sanctuary.  For families you must enjoy a stay in the luxury beach villa or lodge villa. The beach villa has three natural light bedrooms and a master suite with a pool and Jacuzzi surrounded by a shady sundeck to relax. There’s a roof top terrace providing unforgettable panoramic views of the se by day and a dazzling view of Dubai’s skyline by night.

The Lodge villa at Sofitel The Palm

Immerse yourself in the epitome of grandeur and opulence. With soaring architecture and French Polynesian or French provençal décor, each of our three Lodge Villas is its own enchanting corner of paradise. Impeccable Arabian hospitality and extraordinary comforts are infused into every moment of your stay. Set across two floors, each villa offers three bedrooms and two entertainment rooms. The master suite comes fully fitted with an en-suite bathroom, a walk-in closet and private gym. The high ceiling living room features a lounge and a bar perfect for laid-back evenings with friends. Adjacent to the kitchen is the airy dining room with floor-to-ceiling windows letting in the crystal rays of the moon.

Walls of glass and windows overlook your private pool, Jacuzzi and sundeck, inviting the outdoors in. Just beyond lies the resort’s pristine beach and views of Palm Jumeirah. Gather family and friends on the rooftop terrace to watch the sun dip and the moon rise. A dedicated butler sees to your every wish 24 hours a day. Dine, play, relax and entertain in a setting beyond compare.



Waldorf Astria Dubai Palm Jumeriah

Combine sophisticated luxury, classic European charm, wonderful service, an acclaimed spa and a gorgeous private beach and you’ve got Waldorf Astoria Dubai Palm Jumeirah — a sensational stay on the city’s most famous Palm Island. Situated far from the bustle of city, this elegant hotel provides a respite from the UAE’s buzzing modern metropolis.





Kingfisher Retreat

Kingfisher is set on the east coast of Sharjah. The beauty of the pristine beach and Indian Ocean waters is matched perfectly by refined interiors of soft beiges, blues and desert browns that dress the resort. Arrive on a private boat that will take you to your private island with 20 modern tents with private pool designed to provide comfort, privacy and amazing views of the Indian Ocean. 

Ras Al Khaimah

Ritz Carlton Al Hamra Beach

This serene property is located on a secluded private beach which is home to 32 lavish tented villas with private pools and direct beach access. The traditional Bedouin-style tented villas are decked out in a sophisticated chic design with white and royal blue hues a vintage trunk-style minibar and entertainment unit – a television appears at the touch of a button and rotates 360 degrees for viewing from the bed or sofa. The lounge, bedroom and bathroom areas are open plan with a rain shower and a huge bathtub on the terrace along with a cabana, sun loungers, dining area and private infinity pool with see-through glass sides. – What more could you ask for!!



After spending time at this property why not enjoy the desert experience at the sister property Al Wadi Desert.



Ritz Carlton Al Wadi Desert

This all-pool-villa resort is set amid terracotta dunes that go on for miles.

Each of the 101 stand-alone villas features a large outdoor furnished terrace with private infinity pool, some with steps directly down to the dunes, while others are more enclosed for those seeking extra privacy. Inside, there’s a cosy living area with a huge television, a bed so snuggly you’ll never want to leave it, an enormous stand-alone tub, in the tented villas, a glass-enclosed rain shower big enough for a whole family and a dressing room with double wardrobes.

There’s so much to entertain the children from camel rides, feathered friends bird-watching tours, archery, falcon and owl interactions, fish feeding, stable tours and bedtime stories under the stars. 



Oman (Boarders will soon reopen)


Six Senses Zighy Bay

Tucked away in an unspoiled cove in the Musandam Peninsula, and only a two hour drive from Dubai, lies a village-style resort offering stunning villa accommodation that is both rustic and luxurious. Welcome to the award winning Six Senses Zighy Bay.

Barefoot luxury at its best - this all villa luxury resort is blissfully secluded stretched along the white powder sands. The Stone villas all come with private plunge pools, outdoor shower and your own butler.

Being a Six Senses brand sustainability and eco friendly living is in its DNA from organic farm kitchens to the Earth Lab, a place to learn grow and connect with the natural world. Children not only can play but learn via interactive activities.



Alila Jabal Akhdar

Set at 2000m above sea level, and spectacularly perched on the edge of a ravine, this breathtaking property  includes 78 suites range from the standard Mountain View category, set in the main central building, to two enormous standalone villas with two bedrooms and a private infinity pool.

The hotel has a large and blissful infinity pool framed in rocks with two satellite whirlpool tubs, a small indoor pool, a fitness centre and an Alila Spa with seven treatment rooms offering Asian-style therapies. While many guests come here to relax and enjoy the cool mountain air, it is worth taking advantage of the Alila Experiences on offer such as the butterfly trail, mountain bike tours, star gazing in the evening and for the not so faint hearted the cave adventure Via Ferrata which dares you to step out onto 20-metre-high ropes and traverse a cave mouth.




Chedi Muscat

Oman’s Chedi Muscat has long been a pioneer in the region being one of the most stylish and luxuorius resorts on this stretch of the Gulf and it still remains a leader in luxury.

The Chedi is home to the Middle East’s longest swimming pool, which is 103 meters long – ideal for social distancing.  With grand panoramic views of the Gulf of Oman and the Hajar mountians, the three shimmering swimming pools make dramatic first impressions. The 38 stunning villas come with private terraces and over sized windows allowing natural light to compliment the minimalistic Omani interior. For families book a villa which can accommodate two adults and two children aged under 16. Children have access to the Serai pool and a bespoke menu in the restaurant.


Unfortunately the properties hasn’t reopened yet but watch this space.





Abu Dhabi


Zaya Nurai 

Nurai Island is situated in the pristine waters of the Arabian Gulf to the east of the Abu Dhabi city coastline. Just a ten-minute boat ride from Saadiyat Island, the secluded island makes you feel like you have been transported to the Maldives. Zaya Nurai is a stunning boutique resort offering water villas and beach houses with private pools and views that money can’t buy.





Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi

Situated on a stretch of pristine white-sand beach on Saadiyat Island, the serene Park Hyatt Abu Dhabi Hotel and Villas has sprawling beachfront grounds include green lawns, one of the largest swimming pools in Abu Dhabi  and plenty of plush loungers to ensure you get your spot in the sun (or the shade). The property is so peaceful come sunrise that you may even catch a sighting of endangered hawksbill turtles and dolphins frolicking just offshore.

Located within the stand-alone villas of the hotel, the Garden View Villas feature a separate bedroom, a living room and a large terrace with a private plunge pool, rain shower and sun loungers offering stunning views of the landscaped gardens of the hotel or Saadiyat Beach Golf Club.  




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Love Lead

Paradise Found – Nurai Island

Imagine this  – You leave your home in Dubai arriving at a jetty only to be taken on a boat to an exotic island surrounded by crystal blue sea, stunning villas on the beach all with private swimming pools and a lush natural island habitat with the friendliest staff waiting to greet you. Have you guessed where in the world we are? Well, let me surprise you; this heavenly escape is literally one hour away from Dubai, in Abu Dhabi. Welcome to Zaya Nurai Island, a tropical paradise 20 minutes by boat off Saadiyat island. I literally felt like we had been transported to the Maldives as my toes sank into the sand.

Stemming from the Arabic word ‘Nur’ meaning light, Nurai is an island of staggering beauty, of turquoise seas and white sands. A place filled with natural harmony appealing to all five senses.

When I told the minis we were going away for the weekend to an island in the sea, they ran into their bedroom and packed their bags with toys and their swimsuits. Five minutes later they were ready to leave with their trunkies in tow, eager to get out of the front door. Once in the car when one started they were all at it, “Are we nearly there yet?”, we were literally only at the end of our road! However, less than an hour later we arrived at the jetty check in area where we waited for the boat.

On arrival, we were met by the lovely Ivy who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like we were “home” plus she was clearly experienced with children. I’m fortunate enough to have visited the Maldives on many occasions and I can honestly say that I had the same feelings as soon as I stepped onto the island: relaxation, tranquility, peace and beauty (I’m an island girl at heart!).

Once on the island we jumped into a buggy and had a mini tour around the island. I was surprised by it’s size I actually didn’t realise just how big it was and how beautifully the villas effortlessly blended into the surroundings. I liked how spacious the island was and how it wasn’t overly developed yet still catered to all needs – from a water sports club to tennis courts, a gym and restaurants.  

We had a gorgeous two-bedroom Beach House which included two small swimming pools and the most amazing view of the turquoise ocean which was only steps away. There’s nothing quite like opening your door onto the beach with the sea as your backdrop. A minimalist décor fitted in with the island vibe  – the bathrooms need a very special mention as they’re totally to-die-for – airy and bright with rainfall showers, large sleigh baths, so much space and even 2 palm trees planted inside.

The other rooms available are the water villas which have 4 bedrooms and are a generous 10,000 square feet which are ideal for families living in ultimate luxury and comfort. With floor to ceiling windows the ocean is literally your back yard.

The other villa option are the 18,000 square feet Estate villas which are 5 and 6 bedrooms dotted around the perimeter of the island with its own undisturbed private beach.

The all day dining is Frangipani which offer rustic chic vibes with a menu blending the culinary influences of the Middle East, Asia and the West.

The Al Fresco dining experience is perched on the waters edge serving fresh fish and aptly named “Hooked”!

Outside the main restaurant there is a stunning infinity pool which is great for the kids to play while I relaxed which is safe as there is a shallow area on one side for kids to sit and splash around.

Petit Z is the fabulous kids club with friendly staff to entertain your little ones with a great indoor and outdoor play area. There’s so much for kids to do which provides you with the chance to get a little alone time! There was also a sand area where as a family we all played boules, the kids loved it so much that we have actually gone out and bought a set as it’s a great activity for the whole gang! New to Nurai is the kids waterpark featuring 4 slides, a water bucket and a splash pool.

You can also visit the island as a day guest and enjoy Zaya Nurai’s Friday brunch and use of the beach and pool facilities. The brunch is everything you could imagine with a fantastic seafood and meat BBQ spread, large array of cheese, sushi and salads alongside a huge selection of other dishes. The freshness of the food jumps out and with the sounds of waves crashing. It really is island eating at its finest.

Words don’t do justice to what Zaya Nurai has set out to accomplish and – even though I hope I’ve given you a glimpse into how magical it is, you really have to experience it yourself to truly believe it. We are lucky to have a tiny slice of Maldives right on our doorstep with a hint of local flavour and comparable to any of the big name high-end resorts. I cannot recommend this getaway enough; for 2 days my family got to experience excellent island living the uniquely authentic Zaya Nurai way.


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Soneva Maldives Post Covid

Soneva Fushi and Soneva Jani look forward to welcoming you back to the Maldives. I wanted to share some updates about what to expect when staying at a Soneva resort. Although the ‘New Normal’ in the Maldives will be different from the normal life we enjoyed before COVID-19, the country remains extremely lucky as its 1,200 islands provide a natural defense against the spread of COVID.

The government's policy of One Island One Resort has served them well. Due to swift and effective action from the government, the Maldives has a fatality rate of 0.3% which makes this one of the countries with the lowest fatality rates in the world.

This is mainly because of extensive testing and a significant increase in the capacity of their hospitals. In a bid to revive the tourism industry, the Maldives Tourism Ministry has recently proposed guidelines to commence safe tourism, which outlines requirements for resorts and guests once the country officially reopens to commercial airlines on July 1.

All guests landing in the Maldives are required to produce a negative PCR report dated maximum 7 days before landing in the Maldives (or) a positive antibody test report taken a maximum of two weeks prior to arrival.


To ensure the highest standards of safety and wellness for our guests, Soneva have made some changes to their existing procedures, which are outlined below.

These have been made following best practices recommended by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) as well as our numerous consultations with leading experts in both virology and infectious diseases in the United States, Singapore, India and the United Kingdom.


UPDATED JUNE 09, 2020 ON ARRIVAL All guests will be greeted by one of our airport Hosts and escorted to our lounge where they will be asked to undergo a COVID-19 test using our PCR machine.


Soneva airport Hosts, lounge Hosts and transfer Hosts will all be wearing masks, and we would request that all guests wear a face mask whenever guests are in the presence of other guests and Hosts until their test results are received.

The Tesla (transfer car) windows will be keep down during the transfer as per recommended practice. Of course, while we will thoroughly clean the car between guests. Recent research from the United States Bio Defence and Countermeasures Center in Maryland discovered that in normal conditions, the half life of a virus is 18 hours, whilst in our climatic conditions, it is reduced to 1 hour, and, when exposed to UVA, there is a further reduction to as little as 2 minutes.


Soneva aircraft and transfer boats will also be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised between each transfer, and our Hosts will be wearing masks and gloves.


AT SONEVA RESORTS Once the test has been completed and results sent for processing, guests will be transferred to Soneva Fushi or Soneva Jani.


On arrival, you will be greeted at the arrival jetty by a Mr/Ms Friday who will be handling all arrivals for that particular day and who will take you to our private island. You will receive the usual Soneva welcome including the bag for you to put your shoes in. You will be escorted to your villa and we request that you remain there until the test results are received and are negative.

We do not expect it to take more than 6 hours, and at the most 24. As a result of this inconvenience, we will only charge 50% of the villa rate for the first night and the balance will be issued as resort credit that you can use for F&B or experiences.

Once we receive the results of the test and if they are negative, our Hosts will come to your villa to extend a warm welcome.

In case the test results come back positive, we ask that all guests isolate in their villa, and Soneva will immediately waive the daily rate of the villa for the next 14 days. The only charges will be meals and other incidentals. Soneva nurses have been trained to look after COVID-19 positive guests and observe them.If there are no serious complications, guests will be allowed to circulate in the resort 14 days after a negative test or 10 days after the onset of the first symptoms, following the recommended guidelines by the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC).


Should any guest develop severe symptoms and have to be hospitalised, the Maldives has built up sufficient hospital and medical capacity to treat COVID-19. In fact, the hospital on Eydhafushi (Soneva Fushi’s neighbouring island) has a new ICU Unit with 20 beds.


If UPDATED JUNE 09, 2020 guests who test positive are travelling with other guests, we would ask that all guests isolate together in the same villa until all are COVID free. We also require all guests have their temperature taken daily.


Your Mr/Ms Friday will provide you with the thermometer each morning and will be in touch later to ask for the results. After the first week of stay, we would ask guests to take one more real-time PCR test. We have purchased one of the best real-time PCR test machines - the Life Cycler 96 from Roche and the samples will be sent to Malé for testing at the ADK hospital. The tests are awkward and slightly uncomfortable, but they only last a few seconds. Although this could be considered as being slightly excessive or over-cautious, at Soneva, all our islands are One Island One Resort; it is our goal to make our private island homes COVID-19 free environments, so that our guests can truly relax and engage with our Hosts and fellow guests and not feel any concern about being infected. Guests will not need to isolate in their villa while waiting for the results of the second PCR test.


Soneva also have enhanced cleaning and sanitation protocols in collaboration with hygiene certification organisations, and there will be plenty of hand sanitizers available for guest usage. Frequent and regular cleaning and disinfecting will ensure optimum hygiene is maintained and we will pay special attention to frequently touched surfaces. All of Soneva resort restaurants, facilities and experiences remain open and operational, with some small modifications. The Chocolate Rooms will now be manned. The famous breakfast and lunch buffets will remain. However, Soneva Hosts will now be there to serve you. In the spas, even though the therapists will have been tested three times in the first eight days of returning to the islands, you will still have a choice on whether they wear a face mask or gloves.


The Hosts are also required to undergo regular COVID-19 testing, while all materials brought onto our islands will be properly cleaned and sanitized prior to being brought onsite. HOLISTIC WELLNESS Wellness has always been at the core of Soneva. This is now even more important. From a holistic wellness perspective, clean sea air and daily sunshine to generate Vitamin D is just what the doctor ordered.


UPDATED JUNE 09, 2020 Soneva encourage their guests to enjoy the healthy foods served, whether it is the Ayurvedic Elixirs at breakfast, the Andrographis Paniculata that is a known Ayurvedic immune booster that they offer on a complimentary basis, or all the other healthy antiviral ingredients that are regularly in our food such as turmeric, garlic, ginger, red onions, cinnamon and cardamom. Furthermore, the menus are mostly seasonal, fresh, and straight from our organic gardens or waters surrounding our resorts. Chef limits the amount of sugar, dairy, white flour and beef and instead opt for high protein white meat and vegetable alternatives.


The resort also offers a regular programme of yoga and meditation, as well as other visiting wellness practitioners. While there will be small changes to what would normally happen during your stay, on the most part things will remain the same. Which is exactly how Soneva want it to be. Your health and wellness is their priority and they hope that their rigorous standards will reassure you that you will have a safe and unforgettable holiday with your loved ones during your stay at Soneva.


To book your stay contact us directly Uniquefamilytravels@gmail.com


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Bringing Back The Glamour

If self-isolating at home is giving you the time to daydream about your next travel destination then why not also include searching for the most glamorous luggage to join you.


A couple of years ago I came across a luggage brand and it was love at first sight. I have become slightly obsessed every since and with good reason. Steamline Luggage creates handcrafted, vintage-inspired hard exterior suitcases available in many color tones with leather fastenings and silent wheels - an immediate statement piece elevating your airport style and strut.

For the discerning traveller, your luggage can tell a lot about you, and even though my personal style is far from vintage, these chic and classy travel accessories are the most elegant way to travel for the modern traveller.


Steamline has a large selection allowing mix and match with all their sets- starting from over night bags, hat boxes and vanity cases to the most sophisticated carry on. My favorite is the ‘Sweetheart’ carry on - white with tan leather fastenings, which open up into a botanical foliage print.


Steamline Luggage not only just look beautiful but they have been cleverly engineered to make traveling hassle free. They are extremely lightweight and durable with wheels that are highly resilient while gliding smoothly. The pièce de résistance in each case from the carry on size upwards is the stylish hanging organizer, which cleverly clips to the sides of the case.


To protect your cases while they are in the hold and on the conveyor belt they come with a nylon protective cover that slips over the case and when not in use folds back into itself and tucks away.


At Unique Family Travels, we focus on globetrotting families so I have to mention Steamline’s kids’ collection. The six-piece collection is comprised of a full-sized adult carry-on, child carry-on and a vanity case, all available in either bright pink or royal blue. These chic bags are all vegan leather, with vintage-inspired trim, gold hardware accents and online brand Maisonette’s signature Doodle Print on the interior lining. You can either mix and match or buy the full set, but the sizing makes it easy for kids to roll around their own suitcase in the airport and on the next family trip.




The founder of the brand Sara Banks says the following about her product which really resonates with me as I believe traveling is all about the journey from start to finish and that includes how it makes you feel.

“I wanted to create luggage that elevates the way you feel about travel, to create a suitcase that is a delight to pack.”


So now I’m left dreaming of which color to order as I visualize how beautiful my luggage will look like on the untouched beaches of the Maldives or being carried off the small Cessna plane in Botswana. Roll on travel, we’ve got itchy rolling wheels.


Watch one of Steamline’s videos:





Check out the full collection: https://www.steamlineluggage.com/



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