Six Senses Laamu is one of the more remote atolls in the Maldives with an hours internal flight and then a speed boat ride, but its well worth the extra journey as once you arrive its nothing more than absolutely stunning – the epitome of barefoot living in a lush tropical setting. I don’t think I wore flip flops during my entire stay!

I had just found out I was pregnant – not aware that I was going to be having twins, so my husband and I along with our 4 month old daughter Amara, escaped to enjoy total relaxation in the middle of nowhere.

Even though they don’t advise staying in ocean villas with young children due to safety – our daughter was only 4 months old so she was totally fine. Our gorgeous stilted ocean villa was on wooden jetty which went from the island into the Indian Ocean. Parked outside our villa were our bikes which had been personalized with wooden tags. Don’t ask my why, maybe it was instead of taking a pram on holiday, I ended up taking a car seat with me – however this actually worked out to be very handy as it fitted neatly in the bikes basket so we could all enjoy bike riding around the island. 

The villas come with the best views you could ever imagine waking upto and a private terrace where you can jump straight into the crystal blue water (OMG I want to be there right now, writing this brings back so many lovely memories) and there is also a large hammock (like a trampoline net) to relax on. The villa hass a large bathroom with an outdoor shower but don’t worry the clever design still provides privacy. 

The rooms are typically Six Senses rustic designs offering natural wood fittings with a double bed in the middle of the room facing the windows.

The snorkeling is world class all though we didn’t do it for long as one of us had to watch the baby, however when we did we were transported into a scene from “Finding Nemo” Also just off shore is the impressive Yin Yang, the Maldives most famous surfing 8 foot wave break.

Six Senses Laamu always plays on a journey of senses and this is brought to the forefront when it comes to dining. With 3 restaurants and 2 bars all offering a different vibe. The breakfast spot, Longitude is open air dining on a split level right on the waters edge.  Leaf offers fine dining cuisine where every meal was just mouth watering and the Chill Bar is perfect for sundowners and chillaxing after an eventful busy day swimming, eating and sleeping!!.

All the vegetables are grown onsite and the seafood is fresh from the ocean. There is also an ice cream parlor with so many flavours to work your way through.

Six Senses are well known for their amazing spa’s but as I was pregnant I unfortunately didn’t get the chance to enjoy any of their services – but not too worry as I will make it up it on my next visit.

The resort also offers the following: private picnics and barbecues on remote patches of sand, Sunset Dolphin Cruises, as well as boat excursions for diving and snorkelling, and the dive school does certification courses. The resort is child friendly offering a kids club called The Den. The Den has a wide range of activities and games and babysitting is on request. Also a good point to mention is that the resort offers baby high chairs in all the restaurants and childrens toys are availble on request.

There is only one rule when visiting Six Senses Laamu and that’s NO shoes – so kick back and enjoy every second of your stay as time goes by far too quickly when your doing nothing but having fun.

Until next time Laamu ……… 


  Family Friendly Couple