W OPera Paris

W. Paris Opera

This contemporary five-star hotel, set in a former 19th-century bank, offers American-themed styling and hospitality. Located just by the Palais Garnier opera house, expect modern décor and a party atmosphere with a New York-style bar  https://w-hotels.marriott.com/

St Regis Florence

St. Regis, Florence

The St. Regis Florence was originally home to the noble Giuntini family.  Overlooking the Arno River, and located just steps away from iconic landmarks like the Uffizi Gallery and Academia, the hotel is emblematic of the city's rich history in the Tuscan capital.  https://st-regis.marriott.com/

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Ritz Carlton Geneva

Positioned on the shores of Lake Geneva, The Ritz Carlton Hotel de la Paix is host to a prestigious heritage that has endured for over 150 years. Subtly blending majestic Italianate architecture with contemporary, the refreshed interiors take inspiration from art time and nature. http://www.ritzcarlton.com/

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Portmeirion, North Wales

Usually when we take the children to visit their grandparents in the UK, we split our time between Liverpool and London.  When in Liverpool we always take a trip to the north west of England, to the Lake District in the county of Cumbria, to enjoy the beautiful lakes and mountains and also try to visit Wales with its abundance of castles and heritage sites. Both places offer true meaning of the great British countryside.

Last summer we took a family trip to Wales to visit the picturesque village of Portmeririon. It was a stunning summers day, we had the car roof down, music on, wind in our hair, drove the A roads via lots of narrow country roads and eek while sitting in the back of the car the twins took it in turns to throw up as they suffer from motion sickness.  Shame we had to stop so many times and so many change of clothing!!


Portmeirion is a village located on a private peninsula overlooking Cardigan Bay on the coast of Snowdonia. It looks more like Portofino or Cinque Terre than Wales. 

It was created by Welsh architect Clough Williams-Ellis from 1925 to 1976. He wanted to show how a naturally beautiful site could be developed without spoiling it. Today Portmeirion is one of Wales' premier visitor attractions, welcoming over 200,000 visitors every year.


This picturesque village is home to two hotels, a cluster of historic cottages, iconic architecture, a spa, arty shops, award-winning restaurants, an Italian ice cream parlor, stunning manicured gardens all this right on the sandy beach side. 

It’s a great place to visit for a day trip or even a couple of nights at either one of the beach front hotels or self catering cottages - think colorful town houses with immaculate gardens steps away from the beach on one side and on the other the beautiful woodlands with a Chinese lake and trees which are hundreds of years old. 


Even though the weather was great it certainly wasn’t warm enough to make a splash in the hotels outdoor swimming pool, but not to worry kids can paddle in the sea, play on the beach and enjoy the walking trails.

So if you’re ever visiting North Wales do add a visit to Portmeiron the picturesque enchanting Italiante style village.

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A Unique Retreat In Ibiza

Forget about the hottest lunch spots to be seen at, the coolest pool parties and the late night party scene as lets face it, we’ve all been there and done that in Ibiza!


Let me introduce you to the other side of the island – the side which is extremely beautiful, peaceful and of course family friendly.


Set in 30 acres of serene pine forest in northern Ibiza stand two charming traditional designed houses which are joined together by a covered courtyard which make up the stylish Casa la Vista property.


This 6 bedroom property has two elements the first being the smaller building which is a restored 800-year-old finca, while the larger building is a high-ceiling, architect-designed wonder which blends traditional Mediterranean architecture with moorish-style archways and vintage doors.


Outside is an infinity pool which overlooks the pretty Cala Xucla bay and the lush green forest surrounding the property. When in season you can pick pomegranates, figs and plums from these trees.


There is a lot to do in the area for families from cycling, hiking, horse riding, tennis and of course sailing as the sandy beach is only 1km away from the villa.

If you don’t want to eat at home the closet restaurant and bars are approx. 10km away and Port de San Miquel which has more restaurants and shops is 15km away.


Watch the below video to see the villa in all its beauty:





As well as hiring the villa privately, the owner also runs week long retreats throughout the year called – Santhosh Retreats.


The aim of Santosh Retreats is to ensure guests enjoy, relax and re-energise


Their health and fitness programme includes hiking, the art of yoga and dance, and the discipline of Pilates to strengthen the core. Your day will commence with the sun salutation, welcoming the sunrise with an hour of Yoga. Continue your day with a hike through the forest and along the rugged coastline with a knowledgeable local guide. You’ll get to try LatinBurn - Santhosh’s own fitness dance, similar to Zumba but with more of a focus on the dance steps. West End stars and Latino dance experts jet in to host workshops - from salsa and tango to dirty dancing. 


Full information on the retreat please visit www.santhoshretreats.com.


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25 Hours – Vienna

At the 25hours Hotel, Museums Quartier, Vienna, guests are submerged in a bold circus of artists, clowns and elephants. This hotel is the stage with its guests as part of its ensemble cast.


The 25 Hours interior designers bring creativity, vision and imagination to a whole new level. They take the pulsating Viennese culture outside the hotel and bring it crashing inside with an explosion of color, character and vibrancy. By smartly and efficiently utilizing the space inside the hotel, they offer a unique, urban yet cosmopolitan experience.

The originality and unique interior of 25 hours Vienna is that every room has a slightly different circus theme – each room has a main feature wall and each room comes in its own bright color palette. Our room’s main color was bright yellow and the wall which had the bed against it depicted a horse with circus acrobats standing on its back and a big top in the distance. This particular room had floor to ceiling windows along two sides offering wonderful views of the city. I especially loved the TV stand which was made from three vintage suitcases stacked on top of each other.

Another style room which our friends were staying in was slightly smaller but had a blue color palate and came with a balcony and an out door free standing bath – yep true story… a bath on the balcony in the middle of the city. For a couples break this is a cute romantic room where you can turn off all the lights and watch the city by candle light emerged in bubbles! Ooh Laa Laa!


Keeping up with the cool current trend, the hotel operated a burger food truck on the hotel grounds. They also had a restaurant on the ground floor and a funky roof top bar and terrace which provides breathtaking views of the city.


The best way to see Vienna is by bike and at 25 Hours Hotel they say that you should ‘ride it like you stole it’ –basically the bikes are yours during your stay so enjoy them and ride everywhere but remember to book in advance, grab a bottle of water and off you go.


The 25 Hours concept has hotels in 7 European cities such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Zurich, Dusseldorf, Cologne and soon to be Paris. Each hotel is totally different but true to its location and its originality, creating a unique fresh appeal that brings the outside world into your dreams. It’s certainly a fun brand and perfect for the cool free spirited soul to rest their head.








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Paris – With Kids In Tow

Exploring the streets of Paris with 3 little ones in tow sounds like a challenge; one which you may not wish to accept, but let me tell you, we actually had a great time!

Let me start from the beginning. At the time the twins were 3 years old and my eldest was 4. We were traveling to London for a week as a family and of course, I wanted to add another little adventure into the mix by taking the Eurostar over to Paris for a couple of days.


I would have to credit our travel stroller the Mountain Buggy Nano for being the life saver for this trip. It’s the perfect city stroller that is light weight and folds up to fit in even the smallest storage spaces. Believe me I know as there were many times these handy foldable wheels were shoved inside the wardrobe in our hotel in Paris, the over head compartment on the Eurostar and we even folded them and put them in the restaurant corner when dining at those cute al fresco Parisian cafes (where you’re sitting in a line like a sardine cramped into a tin listening to the French couple next to you….)

So with the twins in a Mountain Buggy Nano each and our eldest on daddies shoulders we were off to explore la Paris and with a detour trip to Euro Disney thrown in for extra measure.

This post is certainly not about the best places to dine or the places to be seen at while in Paris, it’s more about encouraging you to enjoy the experience of exploring a fascinating city with kids in tow and to just enjoy the experience for what it is.

We actually walked a lot and when I say walk I mean to the Eiffel Tower, up the Champs Elyees, up the many steps of Sacre Coeur then around the picturesque streets of Montmartre and the trendy St Germain des Paris area. Not forgetting a sightseeing cruise down the River Seine, which gives your legs a rest but fills up your camera with photos. We also walked through the many stunning parks of Paris with special mention for the Jardin des Plantes botanical garden grounds where the kids ran free, stopped at a little café under the trees for light lunch and ice cream and then they passed out in their strollers, allowing us to have a sneaky glass of rose! 

We also managed a day trip to DisneyLand Paris. We originally booked a car to take us but for what ever reason the car didn’t show up (Parisian taxi drivers are very particular about timings so keep that in mind..) so we ended up taking a train. This was the only day it rained while we were in Paris, but luckily the kids found wearing their DisneyLand ponchos part of the fun as it kept them dry while in the queues for the rides. My kids were too young to go on most of the rides but the rides they could go on they thoroughly enjoyed, annoying part was the queues

(although you can get Fast Pass tickets for some of the main rides) By the end of the day the kids were bordering on losing the will to live, as their attention spans were zapped, but we wanted to stay in order to watch the Disney parade which is the last big event of the day.

Well I’m so pleased we did – at that time Elsa was at the peak of her career so when she started to sing “let it go” my kids’ faces lit up and they started gleaming from ear to ear. The show lasts about 40 mins with all the famous and favorite Disney characters and princesses in full swing. With a successful day accomplished at Euro Disney the kids literally passed out on the train home.

Whenever we travel and stay in a hotel we always try to book interconnecting rooms rather than adding extra beds to the room - yes it’s means paying for two rooms but it’s much more convenient especially when the kids go to bed, plus there’s space to move around and the kids enjoy sleeping all together in one bed.

Luckily for me, a few of my Dubai friends were in Paris so I put my glad rags on and left the kiddies in daddy’s capable hands and met the girls at Hotel Coste for dinner and a few too many espresso martinis at The Mandarin Oriental. A grown-up end to a magical time in a truly magical city.


So don’t let the fact you have young kids or big families stop you from enjoying big cities like Paris – in fact it adds to the adventure and the memories.


Check out the Mountain Buggy Nano, it now comes in a double stroller! 






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